Today is the day my son grows up

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    My oldest son is leaving for bootcamp at noon today. I am so incredibly proud of him and his choice to better his life and serve our country. He has always been the most amazing, loving, and wonderful kid. The only one of my five not trying to kill me on a daily basis. As he has gotten older we have truly become friends. I will miss him desperatley. I am so full of mixed emotions right now. So proud of him, so excited for him and the adventures in real life that he will be experiancing. So sad that he will not be here everyday.

    He is joining the Air Force. I know he will do amazingly well. He is just a brilliant kid. He is excited to get through basic and tech school and then to be able to start college courses while he starts his career. My heart just swells with emotion for this kid. I know the next time I see him he will be a man full of pride in himself and pride for his country.

    Please hold him in your thoughs today.

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    Will do. I know you're having mixed emotions of pride and sorrow that he's leaving. He sounds like a great young man and should do well. I've been in both the AF as a flight nurse and in the Army. Met my hubby in Desert Storm on a C141. That was 19 years ago. I think he will learn a lot in the military and Good Luck to you both! [​IMG]
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    He will experience the adventure of a lifetime whether it's for 4 years or beyond. He will be a goodwill ambassador to everyone he meets and a representative of this country in foreign lands. Dont worry, he'll do just fine and you'll be very proud of him. One of my daughter's is in the Army and currently serving in Afganistan. She's been there since May and wont return til next June. I served 22 years in the Navy. My turn to worry about my daughter and more gray hair. I'll take the gray hair anyday as long as she gets home safe and sound.
  4. Quote:He's doing a manly way - my son is Air Force, also.
    I hadn't seen my son for 3 yrs, since he grad Basic Training,
    until this last week, he came home for a funeral for a family member.

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    I know a little of what you are feeling. My son, age 18 signed up last Wed. for the Air Force. He will go to basic training after school is out next June. I am proud of him but scared too. Good luck to your family, We will be Proud together.

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    thank you all for your kind words. It was heart breaking watching him leave. Our youngest son (15) was sobbing in the car as was our youngest DD (8). It was a rough day, but we held together as a family, had a nice lunch out in town while we were there after dropping our oldest off. I am so proud of him, so excited for his future. i love him more than words can say
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    I have been where you are: My youngest son was a Senior in high school when he talked us into letting him sign up for the delayed entry program in the Marines. When he left for boot camp, he was still seventeen & had only graduated the month before.
    I'm not sure how they do it in the AF, but when he is allowed to start writing is when you will miss him most & start stalking the mailman!
    Four years later I am extremely proud of the young man he has become and ever so thankful that he is HOME again. You may be surprised at how much he matures & his take on life when he's home.
    Tell him I say THANK YOU for the road he is journeying down; I appreciate what he is doing for this country.

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