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    So Mom called at 3:02 said she was working on the cheese spaghetti for tomorrow's lunch (here)... having allergy problems and sick at her stomach (lovely, and you're preparing food! But I didn't say that)... she said "Hold on a sec" then never came back which is pretty common.

    Next thing ya know Sis was calling at 4:58 to say that Mom has decided she's ready for another stay at The (looney) Bin and so she's en route to do that. Mom would drive herself but she's 3 sheets to the wind, on top of her meds, again. Her BF is peeved because he knows Mom's drama and was planning to cook the meat for tomorrow tonight since he has to work and now can't because he has no ride to his Sis's where the grill is. Calls once there, she's packing undies and whatnot... finds some wacky tobaccy in Mom's jewelry box (what she was looking for there is a mystery).. oh and she's decided that Uncle (who's terminal and staying with her) has stolen her beers (Sis checked, they were in the fridge)... Sis planned to take mom to the Psyche ward and then bring Uncle to her house... but Uncle is saying no one wants a thief in their house, holiday would be better without him, yada, so take him to the homeless shelter... checked in later... at the ER... first step to getting checked into the Psyche Ward... Uncle is at the shelter (and still peeved at being called a thief)... kids, KK 7 and Max 11 mos are in tow mind. They put Mom on a breathing treatment and oxygen because her O2 Sat rate is low 80's... X-rays... it'll take an hour to get results so she's running to get KK some supper, delayed because of the trip out there. Mom called in the meantime to let me know she was dying, and won't make it to Thanksgiving. Sis calls back... Mom has an upper resp. infection, antibiotics and liquids in the line. And now she doesn't want to go to Psyche. She's dancing around all over the place, WITH IV line still in. Nurse told her the doc will get around to discharging her but doesn't have time to babysit right now.

    So, Sis calls Bro (who lives a LOT closer BTW) and supposedly he's on his way ... though he wouldn't answer calls earlier according to Mom... so since he's on his way and she's got two cranky kids and since Mom CANNOT drive she tells Mom she's taking Mom's car back to her house, Bro will take Mom back to her house, then Bro goes home and Sis drives her car home from there. Then Sis calls to say that she's at Mom's but her car has DIED. Oh wait Bro is beeping in. Well then Mom beeps in with me and says Sis abandoned her... tell her that Bro is supposedly on his way and give her the number (which Sis has already written down for her BTW)... Mom calls back and say Bro isn't answering what is Sis's number (of all the times to forget her cell!)... tries calling Sis... some weird message, probably dialed wrong. Says that she'll report her car stolen if Sis doesn't come back to the hospital and get her. Report her car stolen when it's sitting in her driveway and she's drunk as a skunk and standing outside the Psyche Ward... brilliant.

    That's the last I heard.... Sis stuck at Mom's with no transportation. Mom stuck in the ER with no transportation. Bro not answering his phone but able to call and tear Sis a new one. Two kids tired and hungry. Uncle, again terminal most likely his last Thanksgiving and unable to get to OK to spend with his sons, now in a homeless shelter.


    My hope is that by sharing this SMALL dose of our family's drama at least one person will look on theirs and say THANK YOU GOD... and have a wonderful holiday filled with great food and lots of hugs.
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Quote:I don't know whether to [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    Things are also supposed to be bigger in Texas, maybe that goes for the drama, too. [​IMG]

    Hope your holiday weekend gets better.......
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    I could not even read the entire thing. WOW!!!! Prozac, baby.
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    Holy cow!! First off you need about 10 of these [​IMG] Second, thank you for reminding me that I am blessed with the family I have in my life and even more blessed that some are not [​IMG]
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    Okay... back from commercials...

    Sis called to say that Mom's neighbor, who has a KK aged kiddo, came out... she didn't want to knock since their lights were off but they came out. Put HER jumpers on and SMOKE... put theirs on, nothing. Put hers BACK on and tadaa power. So she was en route.

    So... tried calling Bro, got voicemail, he called right back... Mom is home safe and sound though feathers are ruffled. Uncle it turns out was NOT taken to the shelter, but instead was dropped, as per HIS instructions, under a bridge! He plans to hunt him down tomorrow. Told him if he finds him and he gives him any guff to call me and put him on the line. I RARELY use guilt/manipulation but considering it's supposed to be FREEZING tomorrow night I'm not above laying it on... and thick. He said he'll talk to me/see me tomorrow.

    Sis called me to let me know she, and the kiddos, made it home safe and sound.

    So... Mom's home. Sis and Kids home. Bro home. Uncle under bridge. That's the summary of tonight's episode.

    Farmer... I know exactly what you mean.

    Debi, Prozac is for babies... I think, emphasis on think, that the latest for Mom is Lithium. And she's mixing booze with it. On top of lowered Oxygen levels... yeah.

    CC... thanks sweetie... and x2. That's what I told DH... "Your family has it's quirks but it's REALLY obvious that you got the short end of the stick when it comes to In Laws"

    But, as I told my Bro... Mom (and Sis, though you'd have to check the other topics) makes us look REALLY sane. I'm always one for finding the silver lining... my cup is ALWAYS half full (usually with iced tea)... so... that's something. [​IMG]

    Hope all of you have a nice, sane, drama-free, not to mention lovely holiday. [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] 'Cause you could use a few!! [​IMG] I can relate somewhat...different situations and it is more my mom's brother and their parents, but nonetheless, I understand how you feel. Your comment to your DH is similar to what I told DH the other day! [​IMG] My in-laws are WONDERFUL!! My family...well, lets just say it is a good thing that I live several hours to several states away. I hope that tomorrow goes much smoother for you and that your uncle is found quickly and safe. [​IMG]
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    Thanks Barker, you're a sweetie!

    DH's family took years to warm up, but they are such a great group now. Think concrete foundation vs pier and beam.
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    God bless you all.

    Please God, bless ALL of them. Now.
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    Good grief!

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    [​IMG] You definitely have a gift of speaking with the written word; if you wrote a novel, it would be a bestseller (seriously!)! [​IMG] Hugs to you; your positive attitude is an inspiration to me.

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