Toe Falling Off

Pictures... And no it's not dirty that's the skin/scales mumified black and brown.


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Looks like my polish hens toe is falling off despite my best efforts to save it. Any advice? Do I leave it be or cut it off?

*Soak it everyday in Epsom and rubbing alcohol.
*Kept out of the coop in clean crate.

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Your picture attachment isn't opening. Can you upload the picture instead?
The toe is necrotic and is going to fall off soon. I'd dab a bit of bluekote or something similar on it and then just monitor for infection. There isn't much to do about it now.
She should be fine.
I agree, she's going to lose that, I would also look in between the other 2 toes and see what's going on there , could just be the way the toes are held.
I would give her daily soaks in epsom salts, diluted betadine or chlorhexidine. The part that is dying will eventually dry up and fall off, but it warrants daily monitoring.
I would also try to keep her on clean dry bedding.


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