Toe nail injury

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    Pen our Red Hen, Production Red has an wound on her toe. We noticed a lot of blood in the coop under the roost this morning and narrowed it down to Peg's foot, her toe nail is inurged and maybe torn. DH applied a banaide while they were free ranging today but by bed time it was soaked with blood. We put her in the 'sick bay' in the same coop with rest of the herd 3 other birds but just seperated.

    My question is: should we apply a banage or other medicine or just see how it goes!?

    words of wisdom or pray would make me feel better. Peg is 11 months old and a good layer. [​IMG]

    Peg is in sick bay with fresh hay and no banadge on right now.
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    So how is your hen?

    Is the nail split into the quick? If it is, it would be advisable to trim it as short as possible so it doesn't split any more.

    Otherwise, she'll get better. You could TRY and dip it in flour to stop the bleeding, but by now, I imagine its stopped.
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    I would not bandage it for fear of the bandage pulling on it more. I would be diligent in making sure that it stays clean. You can use povidone iodine for cleaning and that about all I would do. You can also put plain neosporin ( no "caine" in it) if y ou would like but it tends to make any bedding stick to it. Just keeping it clean with antiseptic should work fine. Good luck.

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