Toe surgery??

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    I have a faverolle chick who was hatched with deformed toes- instead of having five, nice, well-defined toes, the outer two are fused together. The toes look to be fully formed, complete with toenails, but have like a web or piece of skin holding them together, so the poor little chick has to walk like he's wearing boots or stilettos. I think I could cut the two separate by using a sharp pair of surgical sciscors. But, is it worth the risk?? Is there anything I could do to decrease bleeding or numb his toes before surgery?? I know to dip his feet in flour after separating them, but, is it worth the risk?? Anybody else out there performed toe surgery on a chicken?!
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    Yes this has been done before ... I would wait until the chicks immune system is fully formed... say at about5 - 6 weeks. Have a good disinfectant to hand like chlorhexidine (hibiclens) ... do not use a topical pain medicine.. slit the web,,, disinfect and keep separate until healed.
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