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    May 15, 2008
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    A friend has contacted me about an injured rooster. He's a mature rooster, age unknown (by me) that was attacked by something with the result that his comb was torn off and one of his toes. Since she originally said his spur I assume it was the "hind" toe that he lost and he's now having trouble standing. Although I've suggested she register and stop by here for help she's very busy with a job and an active horse rescue so I thought I'd help out by asking myself. Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, words of encouragement I can pass on until she is able to come by here herself?

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    May 24, 2008
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    Is it having trouble because the toe is gone, or from loss of blood. How long ago did this happen? IControl bleeding, solate, food and especially water available at all times if it is recent. Otherwise I would think he will get used to his handicap the way animals do and he`ll deal with it.
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    I am new to the Forum. I have a Rooster that had its middle toe cut off from a horse stepping on it this morning. I think the outside toes are going to be fine. I was actually able to suture the skin closed over the amputated bone. Any post triage advice would be appreciated, I don't know how resiliant chickens are.
    "Two Toes" as he now will be called is a Wyandotte Gold Laced Rooster.

    Thx in advance!!
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