Toenail Outer Covering Removed

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    This morning, I noticed that one of our 5 mo. old Barred Plymouth Rock chicks had blood on her feet.

    I picked her up, brought her into the bathroom, and washed off her feet. The wound seemed to be on the underside of one foot and was already stopping bleeding.

    I used some liquid wound cleaner (the kind we use for our kids if they won't let you clean a wound with a washcloth) on a cotton ball and dabbed it around the wound as a precautionary measure too. That's when I noticed that her nail was soft at the tip and looked a little "raw". Her nail looks like one of Aladdin's shoes with the curly-cue at the tip. [​IMG]

    I'm not sure what the outer nail covering is called, but it seems to be gone - though her nail is still intact.

    So my questions are:

    1) Do I need to keep her seperated from our other 4 hens? Hubby's not happy she's back in the house in our brooder bin.
    2) What care should be taken for the nail AND the wound?

    I did a search before sending this and found someone mentioned a "blue lotion" that I'll go buy after work.

    Thanks in advance!

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    i would put some quick stop gel and or powder on it and put her back in with the others, just make sure they aren't picking at her foot, you could also cut that soft part of the nail off, it will hurt and bleed again but it might keep it from bleeding if she bumps it again until the nail itself grows back, i always keep quick stop gel on hand, i like the gel more than the powder, you can get it at petsmart, i use it on my dogs toenails if i get one to short, hope this helps:)

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