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Apr 26, 2009
Toadsuck, AR
My cousins husband is in India for work. In India they do not use toilet paper, they use their left hand. No, I am not joking. It is taboo to touch ANYTHING with your left hand. My cousins DH was told before he went to India that they finally got toilet paper stocked inthe plant over there. When DH got to the plant he was relieved cause finally TOILET PAPER
. The toilet paper is hanging over the sinks so they can dry their hands with it.
While having dinner he meets a pilot that is in India trying to teach some guys how to fly. His big obstacle is that no one will use their left hand to fly. I just thought it was funny and thought I'd share.
pips&peeps :

maybe a box of left hand rubber gloves is in order..............

Youre on a roll today!

**pun intended*
so what would happen if you lost your right hand? man yr social life would be
I have heard this habit in Asia is where we got the "offer the right hand in friendship". Hopefully, there is a special handi-wipe for weddings. There is an exchange of rings there right?
You take your own toilet paper. It's not just India where there generally is no toilet paper. When I went to Central America and Morocco, I travelled with toilet paper because I knew ahead of time that it could be an issue.

Oh, and when one does use toilet paper in these places one NEVER flushes it down the toilet. Their plumbing is not able to handle it. There is always a garbage can for disposing of the used toilet paper.

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