told 4-h i help out in i'm a leader!!!


10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
South Western Kansas
this summers 4-h country fair was great one for every one, although there are a few prejects lacking intrust, such as rabbit and poultry, my daughter showed 2 O.E.C's and a mixed duck, and a dz eggs, yep you guessed it...she placed high, she was the only one showing. for the past few years there has not been a poultry leader in our county due to the lac of intrusts. this is my second year in poultry but with the help of all you wonderful people out there ( AND NO I'M NOT SUCKING UP)....i can do this.... at first i told them that i would help out to start another poultry project but since no one has stepped up they have made me a leader......ok at this point i fell like mr magoo.......i set my first meeting this week end but not sure what to do for the meeting?, this meeting is only to find out who is in poultry. my next meeting if there is going to be one is going to be based on breeds and what you should be looking for when buying. after that in the spring i hope to bring in a poultry/ rabbit judge and have him talk to the kids , i just your input for any thing else
Hey I'm joining 4-H this year!!! Or next year or whatever. It sounds like loads of fun! Good luck!!!
This wasn't one of those deals where you were standing there and didn't hear the other leaders say "anyone interested in leading a group, please take one step forward" and everyone else stepped BACK except for you? That is pretty much how I got the Cub Scouts one year.

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