tom turkey lethargic and falling over

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    my 18 month old heritage bronze tom turkey is standing in the corner in the pen by a tree hanging his head against the tree and trying not to fall over.. he is off balance, seems out of it and wont move.. however when i try and handle him he fights and flips out... the other birds are going after him at this point.. he does have a leg injury that he has had for a while he jumped off the perch and landed wrong.. nothing broken that im aware of but he does limp a bit.. so far the others havent bothered him until this morning...
    i am not sure if i should fight with him to get him out of the pen into another area or ust leave him or....????? there are no avian vets in my area and the only vet i can find that will see him i cannot afford as they classify a turkey as an exotic....any help would be great.
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    He may be dehdyrated or lacking food from his injury and being kept from them by the others. I would try to separate him in a pen to rest his leg, and put vitamins in his water and his own food in there. If that is not possible, just put a separate food and water station out where he will be able to get plenty. Vitamins and electrolytes in his water for a couple days may build him up some. A respiratory disease called Mycoplasma Synoviae can cause pain and swelling in leg joints. Injuries are the most common cause of lameness. I hope he feels better.
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