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Tomaru Hatching eggs

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by smoothmule, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. smoothmule

    smoothmule Crowing

    Apr 12, 2008
    Buffalo, Missouri
    Tomaru (Long Crower) hatching eggs. Black Sun bred, I have a handwritten history on this line. They are a Dutch line, not the Sandhill line. MUCH more rare and much better crow. My rooster has a 10 to 12 second crow.
    The breed originated in China. Not even GFF has this breed. I have been raising them for 3 years now and can assist buyers in the hatching and brooding of these rare chicks.

    For more information (and there is precious little information on this breed) please refer to this site

    I have sold the hatching eggs cheaper in hopes of getting more lines developed in the US but sadly, they did well until the buyers allowed the young adults to be killed by predators. This breed is far too special and rare to nearly give them away and have so many fine birds lost to lack of care. I will not sell them so cheaply again and I hope that buyers paying a reasonable amount for these hatching eggs will understand how rare they are and give the chicks the best of care. I cannot hatch and keep every chick and my goal is still to develop more lines by assisting breeders. This is a notoriously difficult breed to brood. They hatch fine but the chicks are delicate, more so than most chicks. The diet needs are a little different as well as the care. Not for the faint of heart but for the dedicated breeder only. They are Worth it! But they will require more care until they are nearly 6 months of age, at which time, I've found them to be quite hardy.

    Please message me with any questions before buying. I ship anywhere in the continental United States. I do not charge for shipping box or packing. This breed lays well then stops abruptly for a time to resume again later. They are laying again now and should provide but if not, I reserve the right to ship when I have 12 fresh eggs to ship. Hatching eggs can't just sit on a shelf till time to ship. I pack well and have shipped eggs for 10 yrs.
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