Tombstone welcomes a finished coop!

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Jun 21, 2010
North Idaho
We are making a little village of sorts on our place...a jail (garage), saloon (well house) and of course a mercantile store (which is the Tombstone Eggery too) Our birds mostly have names like Wyatt Earp our roo, his ex wife Mattie, girlfriend Josephine, Big Nose Kate girlfriend of Doc Holliday....our horses are Calamity Jane, Doc Holliday and Buffalo Bill get the picture.... My hubby mounted the sign today! There are photos from the construction on my page. This has been so fun and Ill have him build another one in the spring!

How cool is that!!!! I am soooo jealous! I have always wanted an old western town theme for my chickens. I even showed this pic to my hubby, but I dont' see him running outside to the work shop to do any work on my old coop...

Great job!
Maybe you could add a dude ranch so chicken people can enjoy your beautiful area. Your hubby has talent! Where did you find him?
Too funny! I just told DH yesterday as we are in the process of building our coop that I wanted to put a front porch on it to look like an old west store! The Chick-a-Dee Saloon! He thought I was crazy! Can't wait to show him yours!

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