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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Jesusfreak101, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Okay I been thinking about raising my own turkeys for awhile now but before I go there I would like to know if my kids would be OK around them. I have two young children. My oldest is four and the younger is one. The older knows not to chase the birds and not to go near the roosters. The roosters are terrified of us(they have good reason they will end up as dinner soon all but the bantam who will have spurs cliped when he gets them). She never goes out there with out me or her daddy that's the other thing she would never be unsupervised. We have a Drake and ducks as well and they due just fine with her they stay away from her completely. My year old isn't normally allowed down in the chicken/duck yard simply because one he doesn't walk yet. So would turkeys be OK are should I wait a few more years?

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    No matter when you decide to get turkeys it is never a good idea to allow children to be around animals without adult supervision. With proper adult supervision they should be alright around turkeys.
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    I hatch and handmade all my turkeys, 78+, and I have the grade school come to pet them never had a problem with them hurting a child. The only time I won't let the kids come is during true mating season Feb thru late june, if I notice a Tom that thinks it's breeding season all the time I put him in a pen. Of course this isn't true for all toms as I spend alot of time with them and they are very spoiled.

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