Toms are jousting..

chick a chick a bang bang

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Feb 17, 2010
Hello! This is the first year we have had turkeys. We have 4 toms and 6 hens in a LARGE fenced in area. We have been noticing lately they toms are all squaring off, trying to get as tall as they can,then jumping up and kicking each other. I'm guessing they are doing this to figure out they rank...any ideas?


From my limited experience, you are on the right track. Also from my limited experience, you may have worse to come! I think that we both need more hens per tom.
Have you seen the turkey "b*tch-slap" yet?? It's really fast like turkey kung fu. Makes me laugh! Mine went at it a bit when I got the new grownup guy the other day, but it didn't last at all, my juvenile turkey just backed down. I expect it will happen every so often as my turkeys get older.


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Its my young ones that fight all day. My older ones mellow out. It seems more of a hormone thing than a pecking order on my turkeys.

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I guess we'll have to keep an eye on them..we are selling them for Thanksgiving, and I don't want them to kick the crap out of each other!

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