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Toms fighting

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by SouthernCharms, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. SouthernCharms

    SouthernCharms Hatching

    Dec 7, 2014
    Hi yall okay so I bought two toms when the were 9months old a year ago, they were fine until they came to age and then they started to fight (pulling each others snood, spurring each other) we were able to separate them by grabbing them by there necks for the past 6 months or so we had them separated in different pens trying to find them hens. Today we went and got 4 hens (2 for each boy) we put them both in a pen and add the hens to it. They were fine for the first 3 hours all puffed up strutting trying to impress the hens, we went out to check on them this evening and they were fighting, they were pulling each other's snood, bumping chests, ect. We kicked one of the toms out of the pen so we wouldn't wake up to one being dead. Do any of you have an suggestions that can help get them to stop? We are not wanting to sell either one as they are my show turkeys however I want them to be able to free range in the yard with the 4 hens, any and all advice is appreciated.
    Thank you in advance :)
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  2. retlaw

    retlaw Songster

    Feb 2, 2013
    If that is what you want then you have to let them fight it out to see who's the lucky one.
    One or both can get hurt or die but that is how they settle it in the wild.
  3. R2elk

    R2elk Free Ranging Premium Member

    Feb 24, 2013
    Natrona County, Wyoming
    With the set up you are describing, you are going to have lots of fighting and very little breeding.It is possible to have multiple toms together if there are no hens and in the case of hens being present, it can still work out if one of the toms is clearly dominant over the other.

    With two equally matched toms, the fighting will be constant and any attempt by one of the toms to breed a hen will result in the other tom knocking him off of the hen. This endangers the hens since it is easy for a tom to accidentally rip the side of a hen open as he slips off of her.

    You say these are your show turkeys. In that case you need to separate these toms in such a manner that they cannot see each other. If you don't neither tom will have any decent feathers left when it comes time to show them.

    Four hens is enough for one tom but definitely not enough for 2 toms to share in the same enclosure.
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