TONS of beautiful yarn and roving/batts for sale.


Pine Hill Farm
11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Please PM me with what you'd like so I can leave this listing up.
All items come from a naked hairless dog home.

4oz. Worsted Weight Wool. $14

2 hanks Purewool $16 for both 4oz. ea.

A HUGE pile of undyed yarn. Included are the following:
2 unknown brand rough, lanolin filled 4oz. ea.
3 White Silk/Wool 175yds. ea.
6 white 100% Purewool 2ply. 4oz. ea.
4 Cascade 220 white
1 white Peace Fleece
4 4oz. hanks of a 2 ply yarn, one strand thick and one like thread-takes dye very beautifully
6 Yarn place Chaussant 92% wool 2% acrylic sock yarn 4oz. ea.
I'm asking $165 shipped using parcel post in the US


Full Belly Farm 2 hanks 4oz. ea. 2 ply Organic worsted $12ea.

Nice lot of 4oz. hanks of natural colored wool with lovely lanolin from the Helvetia Spinners in WV. I went and visited and bought these, but never gave them any love, sadly.
Here's a snippet, "Helvetia is a remote village located high mountain valley in central West Virginia. Its isolation has allowed the Swiss and Germans who settled here to retain elements of their culture in foods, music, farming, and dance.

Five shepherds, shearing over 300 sheep, supply the wool for the yarn and blankets. About 1000 pounds of raw wool from breeds such as Hampshire, Dorset, Columbia, Suffolk, and crossbreeds is produced and processed each year.The raw wool is washed, carded, spun or woven, and sometimes dyed."
3ply 165yds. 2 hanks, one wound ball in Chocolate, 1 hank 3ply in Donkey Grey and 2 hanks of Chocolate 2ply 200yd. $9 each or take all for $50

HUGE pile of hand-dyed wool batts. Very large pieces. Piece one is about 9in wide by 6ft. long in Purple-one solid piece, another piece about 12in. by 19in. in Purple-this is not a solid piece, and a small piece of hand-dyed teal/green color about 9in.x16in. this one is not a solid piece, and another lighter teal/aqua solid piece that is 8ft. long and is 4-20in. wide I'd guess a couple of lbs. of this $40
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