Tons of eggs Standards and bantams(cochin, silkies, Ameraucanas)

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    PLEASE DO NOT BID Just email or PM me. Thanks

    I have lots of eggs for sell. Here is what I have now and they will be shipped today or Tomorrow. I can also ship Saturday.

    My mother was in an accident. I am going to be selling her eggs for her since she can't do it herself. She is Little Ameraucana Mom. These are her eggs. Pictures can be seen at

    12+ show quality bantam cochins Black, Blue, and Splash

    24+ Show quality black, blue, Splash bantam Ameraucanas

    6+ show quality blue and splash Silkes

    I also have a few bantam cornish eggs that I could add

    Mine eggs picture can be seen at

    12+ LF Ameraucana eggs from two different groups.
    group1 black rooster over blue hens
    group2 Lavender roosters with black hens

    12+ Show quality partridge silkies

    Since I have so many eggs right now. Each dozen is $12.00 shipping is $15
    I will ship up to 2 dozen at a time. You can pick for any of these eggs to get your 2 dozen. You only have to pay the $15 shipping once.

    So if you buy 2 dozen it will be $39

    This is how many eggs I have right now. I should continue to get about the same amount of eggs. Please email or PM me if you want eggs.
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