Too Bad I Didn't Have My Camera!!

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    Today was my first day to do the morning milking all by myself (Robin's daughter was leaving for two weeks in Spain, so she had to drop her off at the airport)

    I was doing pretty good until Countess decided she had enough of my milking her. But.. she was not milked out by any stretch! (This is her first experience of being a milk goat, she had her first kid in January this year.)

    She decided to go under the shelf that holds the bowl of grain the girls eat while being milked. Somehow she was able to fit between the floor of the milkstand, and the shelf. There isn't that much room! She then plunked herself down, and refused to get out from under the shelf! I so wished I had my camera. I thought I wouldn't have the time to take any photos.

    I finally got her out from under the shelf, and let her go play and I brought in Shadow to be milked. As I am bringing in Shadow, I notice the purple lead attached to the milkstand. I forgot to hook Countess' collar to the lead!! No wonder she moved around so much! Live and learn!! I won't be forgetting to do that again!

    After I milked Shadow, (who was properly "hooked" up to the milking stand) I then brought Countess back in and finished milking her. What a goof I am!!

    Here are some photos from Tuesday of the babies.

    Coming to greet us at the gate.

    Kids on the bench.

    Gwenivere wanting to be held too.

    The kids were three weeks old today!

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    They are all so CUTE! Thanks for sharing.

    I got my first two goats when they were 6 months old, so I missed the itty bitty cute stage.
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    So cute!! Thanks for sharing. [​IMG]

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