too big egg

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  2. wow :eek: cool egg

    she prolly wasnt laying cause she had this stuck in her

    ya, if the egg fits under her, she can
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    this is likely a double yoke egg. This means it will never hatch (or I should say almost never).

    The eggs you want to hatch are the ones that are not abnormal... extra large eggs like that, extra small, "footballs" and "golfballs" (foot ball shaped or completely round) These eggs are normally from pullets and are not optimum shaped/sized for the chick to hatch healthy.

    that said a lot of people are selling pullet eggs for hatching
    (which I think should be told to the buyer or the buyer needs to ask this question as it does affect the hatch rate)

    and they do hatch but the rate is lower and the chicks tend not to be as healthy.

    ** Pullet is a hen that is in her first laying season.... less then 1 year old.
  4. Ilovemyduckies

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    Feb 21, 2012
    Yes, It is probably a double yoke. I've got a double yoke egg in my incubator and both twins are doing great as of now. So, she could hatch it, but it is very unlikely that both will hatch, possibly neither. Good luck

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