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    Apr 19, 2011
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    ok so yesterday we decided to carry the ducks back down to the pond to let them try and get used to the area so they will start to got swimming in the pond....we just put them on the edge of the pond...we left them there...of course they just stood there scared.....we had to pull our van up to the house because my sisters neighbor was coming to look at it to buy we did that....jeff was moving the tractor to go back down to the barn to start working on the horse poop when i looked down to see if the ducks got into the were right in the hay field..kinda waddled there way back up to the house...back to there i guess its gonna be a struggle trying to get them to live down by the pond....i really really hope that they do go get into the pond...that is the reason we got them...but if not im good with having to refill there pool every 2

    we r in the middle of finishing up the fencing to move the chicken coop down by the pond also so maybe once that is finished and we put the ducks house down by them they will find the pond and start swimming!!! guess time will tell!!!
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    May 7, 2011
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    LOL, well at least they found there way back. I know ours at first we're totally frightened of the kiddy pool [​IMG]
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