Too Happy Rooster


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
NE Indiana
I need help. I have a 9 hens and 2 roos but one of the roos cant mate anymore. So the one that can is over doing it. My hens look awful. He is 11 months old so I know this is all new to him but come on
I hate to lock him up. He so sweet and good around the kids but I dont know what to do. Is there any other solutions? What about Blue Kote? Does that only work for peking? What can help the hens to refeather? They already get kitty food supplements.


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12 Years
13 Years
Jan 25, 2007
Everett WA/Corvallis OR
Sounds like you have one too many roosters. I'd keep the favorite and rid of the other. The girls are getting over mated. You can make chicken saddles. Blue kote will prevent picking and prevent infection, but it won't stop roo damage.

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