Too hot for broody hen and chicks?

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    Oct 21, 2015
    Its 105 today and my chicks are hatching. Mom is really hot. Not sure what to do. I put a fan on but not directly on them. Maybe i should put iit directly on them...
  2. If they are in the shade and have access to water and a good dirt bath they will be fine. BTW 105 degrees F is the body temp of a chicken.
  3. The Broody and the chicks should be fine. I thought that my broody was overheating when it was hatching day and the day itself was a little hot -but she had shade and access to food and water, She was better than ever.

    I wouldn't place the fan directly on them... At that point of hatch a chill like a fan could be fatal. Just let nature take its course.

    Best of luck [​IMG]


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