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gallina man

9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
just moved to spain it gets to over 95 to 100 degrees here in the summer will my coop be to hot dont want fried chicken will i leave coop door open at night the run is chainlink cemented into brickwall
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What breeds do you have? Some handle the heat way better than others.
Can you run a fan? Also, water frozen in gallon jugs and placed around where they can lay up next to them helps.
Lots of shade, lots of water. A fan if you have the electricity out at the coop to run one. I try and be careful not to do anything to stir up or disturb my chickens during the heat of the day.
We regularly get temps. around 100 here around the end of July and in August. *Knock on wood* my birds have handled it just fine.
It easily gets 100-110 here during the summer. As long as you have fresh (preferably cool---I make many trips to the waterers to refresh water) water and plenty of shade they should be fine.
I looked at your coop pictures, but can't see any ventilation details. Do you have some vents up high to let the heat out?
yes there is ventilation its on the right hand door but i will add some more thanks for all your replies
We get a LOT of very hot weather here. I located my coop and pen in the shadiest spot on my property and during the hottest part of the day I go out there and spray the area with some water from the hose. It cools down the air and the ground somewhat. The chickens look forward to 'playing in the sprinkler' like a bunch of kids.

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