too impatient? too greedy?


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
I got my 12 Rhode Island Red chicks at the tail end of April. As of now I am getting 5-7 eggs a day. I had a little egg eating problem but I think I'm past that. I've been getting some eggs for a few weeks.

How does the number of eggs sound? Honestly once they started laying I assumed they would all start within a short space and I'd be getting around 10 eggs a day.
I have red sex links and one started to lay at 17 weeks. Then another started to lay couple of weeks later. The last one took forever to lay an egg. Then it took another 2 1/2 weeks for her to lay her 2nd egg. We were starting to worry about her. Now they all lay one egg everyday. They just do it in their on time. It will happen. Good Luck
They may be a little slow for a reasons.
1- Just slow starting. Last year I had 2 wait till December to start laying.
2- Days are getting shorter. They need about 14 hours of light daily to lay optimally.
3- They sound a little young to be molting, but anythings possible.

Good luck

I have 19 pullets almost 21 weeks old. 3 are laying and 16 are not. Some are going through a molt. I'd also advise patience. It may be the warm weather and longer days of spring until they are in full force, but it will come.
Well, I spoke too soon. Egg number 8 today was broken. I guess I'm going to have to make a roll out system. Maybe I'll raise the box first and see what that does. It's pretty low, and I think they can see into the box from the ground.

I don't think they are moulting. I've just added a light/timer and that seems to have picked production up.

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