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Oct 22, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
One of my GLW seems much bigger than the others. I never realized how much bigger until today, when I picked her up. (She's not my most friendly hen, hence the reason it's been a while since I picked her up!) She seems to be "in charge" , so I am wondering if she eats the most. I feed them layer crumbles, some scratch, and about a cup full of sunflower seeds a day. Once in a while a little leftover corn, rice or mashed potatoes from dinner, though never more more than a cup or two. I have 8 hens that were born in mid May. They usually get to free range at least an hour a day, more if the weather is good. I keep reading its not good for a hen to be fat, so I was concerned. The other hens aren't as big as she is. Is there anything I should/shouldn't be doing?

P.S. none of them are laying yet......
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Nov 20, 2011
Reno, NV
It sounds to me like natural selection. If you're offering them the right feed, I wouldn't worry too much about one being bigger and more "in charge." My queen hen is the biggest one, as well. She's a different breed than the others and that factors into it. But the boss of the henhouse is for sure not going to be the silkie!

P.S... That's her
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