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Feb 28, 2009
Syracuse, NY
I lost 4 chickens recently and was wondering what anyone thought of ordering chicks now. I'm in NY so would they be ready to go out before it got too cold? And I don't want 25 more maybe 10. If I got Delawares, dominiques, cuckoo marans, buckeye, chanteclers, java's or sussex. Think I could sell the chicks before winter? Syr. NY. I've posted on craigslist for just a few to fill in for the ones I've lost.
If you have an incubator, it's certainly not too late to hatch and add to your flock as well....Many folks, myself include have hatching eggs for sale. Just a thought.

Besides hatching is SOO much fun.

Have a blessed day. Nancy
I got my chicks last year the first week in July, and this worked out OK. I'm in Vermont, so pretty similar climate to upstate NY. (Not as cold as the coldest spots of the Adirondacks, though). With the reduced daylight in the winter, however, they delayed laying until after the solstice - they were around 28 weeks.
Thanks I've posted to craigslist but only got one response so far and they were one expensive and two not the breeds I want. If I order 25 I'll need to sell 10-15 chicks. I just got 25 in Feb and they were alot of work.
I don't think it's ever too late. I will be ordering more soon. Time to take out the brooder.
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