Too many broodies

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  1. Well it started with 2 silkies. I in 1 house and 1 in another. I look the next day and another silkies has taken its spot. Then the next day they both are in the nest. The other house has the same problem. 2 hens in the same nest. Now I have 3 one in one house. And the 1 that was the 1st has been run out. She is now laying on the floor in the hen house. And I have 3 still on the nest.
    So in the 1st hen house I have 3 black silkies in the same nest and a white one on the floor.
    In the 2nd I have a partridge silkie and a red frizzle on the same nest. My other partridge hen just lays hers on the floor. She doesnt act like she wants to sit.
    I need to get pictures. I make my nest boxes oversized for them but this is pretty funny.
  2. Oh yeah. I forgot about my cochin. I noticed her wanting to sit, so I put some under her. It was almost like she raised up for me. I dont know how many are under her. But in all of her fluff I guess she can cover a bunch. She is a sweet hen. She doesnt even try to peck me. I pet her and she seems to like the attention.
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    You say Broodies, I have wwaaay to many.

    1. Silkie on 5 marans eggs
    2. BO on 7 marans eggs
    3. BO on 13 guinea eggs
    4. Mutt on 6 scovy eggs
    5. Mutt on 6 scovy eggs
    6. Silkie on air, awaiting eggs

    We have the Broody Condos out and occupied in full force. Now I just hope they can pay the rent.

    We use the XXL dog kennels for broody houses and put a stackable shelf thingy in there for their nest box. Works like a charm.
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    SHeesh U guys have it bad, here I thought i was in broody mode with only 3 hens who fight for each others nests everyday. I got a double decker brooder in the garage with 2 hens sharing a nest in the top bunk and the broody leghorn in the bottom bunk. Luckily I only have 3 eggs each under 2 of the hens and 4 under the leghorn bantam... 31 in the bator [​IMG]

    Now to slap together a brooder for the 31 chicks in the bator
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