Too many chicks for coop

Mar 1, 2021
Need advice,help,resources to find homes for 7, 8 week old chickens.I live in western Mass
I like that you know to not overcrowded, and I know chicks look cute when you buy them, but this could have not happened, and if the chicks don't find a home, they might have to be in the coop, all of them.

I am just addressing this for next time, and you might sell them if you post on Facebook.


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Jun 2, 2021
If I cannot find a good home I will be building a very large more costly coop to make them happy/healthy. But trying to avoid it if possible.thank you for the advice👍👍


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Jun 7, 2020
North FL Panhandle Region / Wiregrass
Not being in MA, I can't offer rehoming advice or resources - but if you find yourself in need of a new big coop on the cheap, BYC has lost of resources and helpful posters to guide you.

Keep an eye out for free pallets - pallets coops aren't attractive, your HOA won't like you - but they are cheap and effective. Next step up in price is a "hoop coop" its one of the most space efficient designs available and moderately inexpensive, particularly if measured against the cost of lumber right now. and even then there are some ways to shave a few dollars off the costs if you are creative about your materials sourcing.


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Nov 23, 2012
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Check facebook to see if there are any local area chicken swaps or groups. I'd ordered too many (my desired breed is pretty much only from limited hatcheries and the minimum order was 15). I found enough friends and acquaintances to get the extras but did post on my local area pages and knew I'd find some takers if I'd needed them.

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