Too many chicks, you want some


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
N. E. Alabama
we only have room for 3 hens. we have 6 chicks. we got these from the local TSC on Friday, March 4, they just came in that morning. We live in the Fort Payne, Alabama area. don't know how many of them will survive, they all look real good. we may be looking for a new home for up to 3 chicks. they are all RIR's from the pullet bin. anyone from BYC close that might be interested just post back and we can get together
I would wait a bit and make sure you have at least three hens.
or you might be offering three roosters in a few months.

I am sure you will find good homes.
welcome to byc.
Well, glad to see that this 6-chick minimum is nationwide. I agree with the PP, though. If your city ordinance is for 3 hens, then wait until they're a little older because you don't want to give the hens away by mistake!
yea, we were going to keep all that lived for atleast 2 or 3 weeks before parting with any. just trying to line up a new home for the extras.

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