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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by pjschubert, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Jul 8, 2015
    June 1st we purchased 8 ducklings. They were supposed to be sexed. As they matured I thought I was lucky and got 2 drakes and 6 females. As each day passed another duck had a tail feather curl up. By the end of 2 wks I ended up with 6 drakes and 2 females. I am having problems with the fighting for the females. I have asked around to rehome them and people want them to eat. These are pet ducks. They interact with me, know me as soon as I open the door. Walk around with me in the pen. And when they see me get their dried meal worms they run and jump in the pond and wait for me to throw them a few handfuls. I just can't see some one eating my babies. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am running out of people to ask. I have thought about asking a couple of petting farms.
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    I wish you luck on rehoming them. It can be difficult to find pet homes for drakes and roosters. For the safety of the females, you should separate them from the drakes. Multiple drakes attempting to breed them at the same time can injure them. It is especially dangerous if they have a pond/pool to swim in. Multiple drakes breeding at the same time can drown them.
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    Sorry the male/female ratio worked out that way. There's a free re-homing section on the buy-sell-trade forum you can use once you have 20 posts, that might be worth a try.

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