Too many greens bad????


11 Years
Nov 24, 2008
My ducks love peas frozen thawed out peas sometimes they dont even care if they are thawed....LOL
But is too many bad? I have tryed romaine,kale,green beans they eay it but not like the peas...I go outside with peas and 8 ducks comes running the minute they see me....Looks pretty funny since 6 of them can fly but choose to run me down for them...I have 2 others who choose to get in the pool and have it too theirself...They eat a 3lb a day//Is that too much or not enough?
My ducks LOVE peas, probably because it's sweet unlike some of the other greens that I feed it. However I try to not feed them too many peas because then they would not eat their feed. Peas have some nutritional value to them, but it's not as diverse in nutritional quality as the feed.

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