Too many hens! Looking to rehome a few of my girls.


14 Years
May 6, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area, EB
This looked like the only place my posting might fit in appropriately. I have so many hens and they are excellent layers. The problem is Im a sucker for a broody hen so I have more chickens than really fit comfortably on my property. If you are interested in adding to your flock or starting a new one, and live in the SF bay area, I can help you out. I live in the Richmond/San Pablo/El Sobrante area. My hens are banties and all are around one year old. They continued to lay all through the winter when I was reading folks lament about their lack of eggs from their hens. If you are interested please give me a private message and I will get back to you as soon as I get the message. Please, good homes only as my girls have all been raised in a loving environment. Im not offering them up for the stew pot!
Do u think they could fly out to Maryland?
I'm a vegetarian & am looking for more hens for eggs, can't seem to find any pullets out this way... Good luck, hope u are able to find nice homes for them.
Lobzi, I'm going to have the same problem as you soon. I keep wanting to add hens as I find new breeds I like. I have 21 hens, several are different variations of the same breed, and all are laying age. I now have a brooder full of chicks -- raised 4 of my own BCMs, and bought Welsummer, Speckled Sussex and Rhode Island chicks. I'm out of room!!!

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