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    Current situation: Too many males! 3 males to 1 female. Pekins and Swedish Blues.
    These are pet ducks, so getting rid of any would be unthinkable. Thinking of adding females-- but I have room for 2. Vet told me 'more females would not help and it could make things worse'. Told me to 'separate them until mating season over'. My 4 ducks are heavily imprinted on each other and would suffer from being split up. Sounds like advice I can't stand alone on.

    What I know: I currently have (1) alpha male, (1) beta male, (1) passive male and (1) patient female. As soon as they hit the water every morning, alpha male asks female to mate. (He really does ask first!). She accepts, then they go about their day. Recently, beta is vying for control and mounts the alpha while he's on the female nearly drowning her. I saw mallards drown a hen last year and it was so sad.

    Today I kept the beta male in the coop for 5 minutes until the mating was over. It was not the pretty dance we usually do in the mornings and the whole group was upset with me and didn't understand what on earth I was doing by separating them. Hoping to learn from someone else's experience. Will another female or two help any?
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    Another few females may help, may not. It depends on individual personalities. Right now I have my one drake in timeout. I have twelve females.

    Don't be discouraged. But I had to just grit my teeth and take the criticism from the boy duck about his situation. And a few of the girls also think I have lost it. Two of the three girls he mates with look to me like they need a break, so I am taking it one day at a time.

    Last year, I had to separate out the trio - drake and two girls - from the rest. For months. It worked. In fact, everyone got used to the routine. It was just difficult to explain to other humans.

    I understand loving your critters. I am not put out with Bean, in fact as drakes go, he's a good one. But he has testosterone poisoning. A chronic condition that he cannot help, so I have to make accommodations for him. [​IMG]

    I suggest you experiment, and please come on the Duck Forum and tell us how it's going.
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    Thanks, that helps a lot. Guess I got to trust my gut. I'll keep separating them in the mornings for a while and play it day by day. I may still keep an eye out for a female or two who needs a home.
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    Amiga' s advice it top notch, I would still get some more ducks because even one duck mating with one drake can be hard on her adding a few more will at least give her a break. and might keep you from having constant stress of what is going to happen next. [​IMG]
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    Thanks Miss Lydia, I agree. I would love to add another female. I lost one last summer. I worry about current female more because she's a crested and I read their soft tissue under the crest makes them very fragile for mating. Not sure if that is true or not.

    I will have to start a new thread soon regarding ways to introduce a new member to my paddling.
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    A couple of ways you could do this.. and why he'd say adding more females is bad? is beyond me because frankly, while there are seasons more leaning towards mating i have never seen only a "dedicated" one for it to take place in vs another.

    You can, take 1 drake and the female and add two more females.. essentially making a quad... or you could do an all drake flock and an all female flock..

    I run a drake heavy flock, i have never once REGRETTED increasing my female quota, many ducks provides distraction and can ease tensions,oddly enough i have quite a few "pair ups" here not saying these are monogamous relationships but on the whole they do seem to behave a little less stupid with the other girls.
  7. Miss Lydia

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    I'm with you, she doesn't need the constant trauma of having her head grabbed in mating, I'd get at least 2 more girls if you can.

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