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Mar 15, 2018
Upstate SC
This post will probably sound a bit like a whiny child...but I need as much help as anyone has to offer!

I am new to chickens, well actually I don't even have them yet. I want to make sure I have everything ready for my girls before I even purchase my chicks!! Brooder is done, but deciding on coop/run/their piece of paradise is making me a bit insane! I am trying to keep it simple, but want to insure they have all they need...roosting, nesting, warmth, ventilation, and everything else!!!! I refuse to pay $200+ for a prefab shoe box sized "coop", so my DH and I have decided we will build our own. Did I mention this is making me crazy HAHAHA so we currently have a 12x8 homemade "carport" that we have decided to use as our home base. This is a structure that is completely open air at the walls just a roof. I am not planning to have a large flock, but I want to have room to expand if I change my mind! My original thoughts were to enclose the entire carport with wire and build a smaller structure inside it to hold the nesting boxes and a roosting area. I also want a roosting area in what I guess would be the "run" of this idea.

Sounds like I have it all together right...well I am unfortunately one of those people that needs everything payed out in front of them to see the plans before they can say yes that's what I want...sigh If anyone has photos of something like what I have described or plans for such, I would be so very thankful for it!!

TIA for reading my rant and for helping if you can!!!
This is my converted carport aka the Bachelor Pad. Since this is a rooster pad I didn't need nest boxes. But if I needed to convert to raise chicks I would add hardware cloth along the bottom. In the winter I tie tarps on two sides. One thing to remember is metal is hot in the summer-note all the trees around mine. And the metal is noisy in a thunderstorm. Note that in this structure all the roosts hang from the top so there is no access to the side of the structure for a varmint to reach in a snatch off a head. Two Saw Horses supply added roost space for those who can't fly to the upper roosts. The base is surrounded by wire and covered by rocks. I try to get marigolds to grow as animals seem not to like them. The structure is big enough if you want to build an open nesting area. And if needed I can stick electric wire where needed.

Hope this helps.

It might help to consider the numbers. 4 square feet in the coop per chicken, 10 each in the run. So knowing how many you want is a good place to start. Then add because everyone gets more chickens! :cool:
Keep in mind, if the roof is will "rain" under the carport from condensation.
The current roof is not metal, but we are planning on using old metal roof tiles on the finished product. My DH has already said we would need to roof it like a house in order to use those. I'm glad you mentioned the condensation because I didn't even think about that!

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