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Too many pigeons!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by aryanromo, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. aryanromo

    aryanromo Hatching

    Jul 3, 2016
    In addition to feeding our flock of 5, we are - apparently - also feeding a rapidly growing flock of pigeons. The chickens are free range in the backyard. We used to toss feed & veggies out for them, but the pigeons flocking are like something from The Birds.
    So, we started putting the feed into a feeder in the coop (which is open), thinking the pigeons wouldn't go in there. No suck luck. They are bold & will go right in with the chickens.
    I can't afford to feed all these birds. I need suggestions.

  2. Pyxis

    Pyxis Hatchi Wan Kenobi Premium Member

    Mar 27, 2012
    My Coop
    Sounds like you're going to need to switch to feeding your birds only at a certain time once or twice a day, inside the closed coop, until the pigeons disperse. Alternatively, give them feed overnight and in the morning before you let them out of the coop, then take it up and don't put it back until you lock them in again for the night. That way they'll have all night and early morning to eat what they want.

    Alternatively you could try a treadle feeder.

    This is really all you can do aside from building a covered run and not free ranging any longer, or trapping/killing the pigeons and hoping more don't follow.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
  3. Zoomie

    Zoomie Songster

    Dec 6, 2015
    Mora, NM USA
    I had a problem with pigeons so I bought a pigeon trap that looks just like this one: http://www.cabelas.com/product/Pige...b78baf9zQyUzCWXPU9hjUaAqVe8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

    Best thing I ever bought. It says it holds 10 to 15 pigeons; I've had as many as 20 cram themselves in there. I've even caught pigeons when the trap was just sitting there and had no bait in it. It's a live trap, so if your chickens go in there too no biggy.

    For a while there I was really having fun experimenting with pigeon recipes! [​IMG] But then I caught them all and have not had pigeons here in a couple of years.

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