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    Sep 30, 2015
    Hi, I am a new member to BackYard chickens. Thank you for letting me join, it is a great source of information. We have 10 chickens, 4 of which are roosters. Yesterday I saw them (the roosters) really attacking one of the hens. I think all 4 roosters were involved. I think they are also picking on one of the other hens and it seems as if the hens are always trying to get away from them. I am so worried about the stress all this is causing the hens. I love the Roosters. They are real characters and hate to think of giving some of them away. Do you think it would help if we increased the ratio so that there are more hens? How many more do you think would be helpful? We have six laying boxes in their quarters and am wondering also how many hens to get? P.S. the chickens free range during the day. Thank you very much for any information you can give me. Mary Ann Cantella
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    You need to increase you hen and rooster ratio by a lot of get rid of some roosters. You should have about 7-9 hens per rooster.
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    Instead of trying to jump to a huge flock, it would be easier to create a bachelor pad to house the roosters separate from the hens. this can also be done sooner than bringing in new birds (usually) and it sounds like your hens need relief asap.
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    Separate all four roosters from the girls in a bachelor pad with plenty of space to forage and get away from each other, at least 250 square feet of run space and 3 square feet of coop space if you can. Alot more space than what most people recommend, but they will be more happy with each other and be easier on the pasture. Watch them.
    I would keep them separated all Winter. I say this because in my experience boys mate and pick at each other more in the Winter because of the lack of something better to do. In the Spring, put all four in with the girls. Watch them.
    If they are crazy mating, and fighting, after like two days, take out two of the roosters that seem the least suited for the ladies.
    Watch the two boys in with the six girls. They should be fine, but if after like a week they are nasty fighting, I would take out another boy. You probably will not have to do that.
    Just my advice.
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