Too many roosters!


9 Years
Mar 13, 2010
Levelland, Texas
Right now I have too many roosters, but just don't want to part with them just yet. I have 16 roosters and 40 hens all different ages, I know that the best ratio is 1:10 or 1:12, but what will happen if I end up keeping them? will they kill eachother? Will they ride the hens too much and hurt them? What would happen if I keep all the roosters in their own pen w/o hens? would that work? I would like them to get fully mature before I decide which ones go.
i have seen it happen when there were too many roosters and only a few hens....7 roos with 3 hens and they bred 1 so much that they killed it.....i wouldnt worry with that many hens but then again if they have just 1 that they all go for they could kill it for keeping roosters together i have 3 that are together now but they grew up together and they dont fight all that much....if they grew up together and there arent any hens around it would b ok just watch them...hope this helps
I had 7 BO Roosters in a pen by themselves and what happened was not what I was expecting.

It turns out that if there isn't a Hen in there, they will make one out of one of the Roos.

They actually starved one rooster to death. So be careful if you decide to house them together. Make sure to give them places to be safe and alternate feed and water spots.
16 roos is way to many-cut down to 4-your roos will go after the hens so much it will make the hens very jittery and unfreindly due to the fact they are being way over mated-and like others have said they could kill the hens if the pick out certain ones they like to mate with-they will get bare back and will bleed from getting mated so much-its actually cruel to have them like that:-( It happens and Ive seen it alot and I try and talk and plead with people to leesen the roo populations they have most listen and are very happy in the end when they dwindle down-do you have a feed mill/company/store that will take extra roos? There are alot out there that will take them off of your hands for you and they sell them..
The hens will have a very miserable life.

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