Too many roosters


8 Years
May 9, 2011
OK, we're located in Eastern MA on the south shore and this spring have both hatched chicks (great experience) and bought a few to fill in the gaps (just in case we didn't get all hens; can't sex an egg before it hatches...) Anyway, we ended up with fourteen birds, all awesome, but five are roosters, and we just can't keep them where we are. I love the noise at 5:32AM, but the neighbors think less of it. How can I find a farm or someone with a backyard flock that's looking for meat birds or someone that wants some males for his (her) girls?
We have four Speckled Sussex and one Buff Brahma, all about 5 months old.
Appreciate the help.
Side note, built a great coop using the pictures from the coop section.
Thanks for that!

I get great responses with notices put up at feed stores and craigslist. Also my best customers for live birds and silkie chicks are asian customers. We spoke to some people at the nearby asian restaurants and word spread.
x 2 or people from the Phillipines...I sell meat birds to Italians as well. They love being able to get food from like "home"
I get 8.00 per Rooster and 10.00 per hen.

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