Too Many Roosters


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
I'm a new member and not sure where to post this. Just arrived home after 9 months overseas to find that my husband aquired too many roosters while I was away. Now looking to give away one 7 month old buff seabright rooster (willing to through in two seven month old laying buff seabright hens) and one other 7 month old black and white rooster. Any suggestions for finding good homes?
We listed our 2 Roosters on Craig's List....FREE to a Good Home. On the list one day gone the next. This was the quickest and easy for us. Regards, Aria
Welcome home and to BYC. Try Craig's list or the 'Buy, sell, - section' on BYC.
I eat my extra roosters, but for most people that isn't an option. The BYC 'buy, sell' thing is probably the best way.

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