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    I'm not sure if this Q has been posted or not - but, is it possible that chickens who got into a bag of DE or were exposed to a larger amount than they ought to be would develop breathing problems and sinus problems?

    I ask because I have had a problem with my chickens lately, and antibiotics do absolutely nothing for it. They either die or they get better. Not all of them get sick at all - just one at a time, or maybe two at a time. I have had three chickens die of this (well, two of them I culled, cause there was no hope).

    I am wondering if the irritation to their sinuses opens them up to any stray bugs floating around - (bugs as in virus or bacteria). Or if it could irritate their sinuses enough to make them sick in and of itself?

    I Oxined the coop last week, and all sniffles cleared right up - I plan to oxine it again this coming week. I also oxined the birds (which ones I could get to hold still long enough to spray them). All of the birds are bantams of one flavor or another, so small (very small) birds. My large fowl in other coops are not affected at all, even though they do hang out around the run coming off the banty coop, and are exposed - through the air - to whatever these banties might have.

    I am perplexed.

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    Mine have a huge flat rubber pan of it in each coop that they can get in any time and I've never had a problem.....but that's not saying they won't of course. I also dust the bottom of the coop regularly and the nest boxes.
    I would more think about the Oxine directly on them. I know it says in the directions that you can do that but they may have inhaled enough to injure their lungs? Just a thought. If they were already sick and their lungs compromised, the Oxine could have added to that.
    Hope you find out what's bothering them.
    Take care.
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    Quote:Actually, the oxine helped, it didn't harm them (that I coudl tell).

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    Certainly, getting a big snootful of any powdery substance can wreak havoc, even plain old flour, but I have never had an issue with DE in the coop causing issues. Once, I had to clean it out because of all the dust and I mean, when they scratched in the shavings, clouds of it were sent into the air. Never had any breathing issues, even then. Not saying for certain, that the DE is not your problem. Might depend on how much you put in the coop.
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    Any type of small dust, ammonia, or even lots of vinegar in the air can cause damage to the air ways. It wouldn't be a one time thing though, so it would be built up over time and is very well possible that any small particulate matter could have made the birds succeptable to problems. If you have used the antibiotic in the past, or have used it multiple times, IF they have infections, it probably doesn't work any more.

    Perhaps you can find a place that can diagnose what is going on in the flock? It might not be bacterial at all and antiboitics can be working against you becuase it kills 99.9% of the good bacteria, and some of the bad ones too. A part of a good bacterial balance is to be colonized with good ones so the bad ones can't take hold on your bodies.

    Best of luck finding out what is wrong with the flock. That will probably be the best bet before trying to treat randomly, possibly for something that is incurable.

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