Too much fat?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by ZedR, Nov 2, 2016.

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    I'm hearing conflicting things on fat content. My girls have round the clock access to 24% protein feed and oyster shells. Plus I've been feeding them meal worms (quite a few) every day as treats.

    I was doing the meal worm thing for treat/extra protein but now hearing they have too much fat. Dumb question... but why is that bad? Weather has been unseasonably warm in central PA this year but it still gets kinda chilly at night. Isn't fat good for that?

    Just curious. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    24% feed is way to much for adult hens. Since they are getting mealworms they really only need a 16 or 18% feed.
    Fat chickens are very supectible to overheating in hot weather. The only time the really need fat is in the winter, but even then, they don't need a whole lot of treats. If they are cold, they will eat more by themselves, and do not need a bunch of treats.
    Fat chickens also can have trouble breathing, since the fat pad is located right above their abdominal airsacs. Obviously, if they can't breath, they'll get sick and die.
    To much fat can also affect how much they lay. I don't remember exactly why, but I know from experience.
    Here is a link that has a bit more detail:
    And here is a guide on what treats are safe for them. It's a handy list.
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    This is the quail section - they are not chickens :)
    24% protein is just fine for adult quail, but with regards to the fat content of their feed, I'm not sure. Quail are not supposed to over eat, so if they've received the amount of energy they need, they should stop eating. But I suppose there is an optimum as to which amount of their energy should come from fat - and I don't know what that is.
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    OOOOoooooh. My mistake [​IMG]

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