Too much feed for geese? & cute story

Discussion in 'Geese' started by horsefeather, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Jun 19, 2010
    I have several Seb adults and 8 chicks. Before I started letting them out, I fed cracked corn and flock raiser (only kind my feed store carries). I fed quite a bit once a day. If they cleaned it up, I fed them a little more, if they left food, I cut it down some. Anyway, now I am letting them out for free grazing all day and putting them up at night. I am still feeding them the above. One of the chicks got on his/he back this morning and couldn't turn over. I helped it and discovered it was quite 'healthy' in weight. I'm pretty sure I am feeding too much. How much do those of you that turn yours out thru the day and put them up at night feed them? Also, I have 1 Seb chick that got stepped on a couple of weeks ago. He couldn't keep up so I brought him in the house. He is doing better, but now his other leg is beginning to turn in. Can I do anything to help him?
    Oh, 1 more thing. Just wanted to share a cute story. For some reason, I have 1 Seb that likes to stay either with the horses or us. He was an early chick and we raised him in the house. We did 2 that way and the other is wild as a march hare. Don't ask me why, but my hubby has named him/her Quackers (he says because he/she talks to us all the time). I went in search for him tonight and found him in the horse barn standing in front of the fan. I had to get hubby to help me put him up, he DID NOT want to go with the other geese.

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    You can stop the cracked corn in the spring/summer/fall months. Cracked corn is very high in carbs and its kind of like potato chips for us with geese. It should only be given as a treat now and then. In the winter months if you live in a cold climate yo ucan resume a small bowl of cracked corn because it helps their bodies keep warm but that's the only time I feed it. It will definitely fatten them all up [​IMG]

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