Too much Wheat "treats" causing Diarrhea?

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    May 20, 2011
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    It's better now, so it's not an emergency, but I'm still wondering.

    My kids decided to feed the chickens about a gallon freezer bag worth of cooked wheat kernels (what I eat for breakfast sometimes) from the freezer. The chickens LOVED IT, but then within a day or two, very runny and watery poop. They are now back on a more normal free-range, layer pellet, and small portion treats diet, but I'm wondering if too much wheat could have caused diarrhea for a day? HMM!

    (RIR's about 8 months old, very healthy. Couldn't tell if it was both or just one, but like I said poop is fine now.)
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    I really wouldn't have thought so but you never know. Perhaps they also got into something else?
  3. Tracydr

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    Yes, I've seen too much wheat cause diarrhea. I can't remember what the substance in wheat is that causes it but the diarrhea is sort of brownish yellow.

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