too soon to introduce?

Leah S

8 Years
Jun 13, 2011
I have three chickens and seven new ones. the older girls are almost 18 months and the new ones are 6 weeks. I have let them run together in the run, keeping a constant eye on them. The older girls actually run away from the little ones? I went in tonight to put everyone away for the night and some how a new one got in with the older ones?!? (maybe wiggled under a fence and through a cinder block, not too sure, yet) The older girls were completely ignoring the new one and going about their roosting and such. ANYWAY, does it seem like I can introduce the new ones yet, or still too soon? They are not nearly the same size, but the older girls are not seeming to mind.
what do you think?
You can try it. BUT keep a watchful eye and if there is any trouble you would need to be there to put a stop to it.
It may work since there are more young ones than adult ones.

thanks! would love to have them all together and get the brooder out of there, it takes up quite a bit of space. Will try to give them a full in the pen together and go from there.

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