Too young to be broody?

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    So, the lady I got my Easter Egger (Bertha) and my Speckled Sussex (Penny) from told me the following:

    They are "about 5 months old" (Her husband later said "less than a year."
    They were both broody and sitting on nests of rotten eggs. She ignored them b/c she is "getting into ducks more."
    They should start laying again any time.

    Neither hen has ever acted broody. They walk around, cluck, take dust baths, and chase the new chooks.
    However, neither has layed an egg since I got them a week ago either.

    I got two NEW girls Sunday; a Rhode Island Red (Sissy) and a Barred Rock (Callie).
    These two were born April 12 and April 5.
    The man said the Barred Rock pullets were beginning to lay (he had about 30)

    I read on this forum that the combs turn red when they're getting ready to lay.
    When I look at their combs, the younger girls have much brighter red combs than Bertha and Penny.

    I just wondered at what age hens "go broody?"
    And how long can it last?
    And when they stop brooding, how long until they lay again?

    I WANT EGGS! ::laughing::

    Lastly, Penny just torments the littlest hen, Sissy.
    She hasn't drawn blood, but poor Sissy walks very carefully and makes a wide berth around Penny.
    I feel awful for Sissy.
    Should I separate them or just let nature take it's course?
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