took my eggs off the turner to soon plese advise


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Being a old fool,I miss counted the days and took my eggs off the turner 3 days to soon,now I have a brown color ooz on 2 of my eggs,and no action,my at 75 and my temp stays at 96 ,they should have been due 2 days ago,should I leave them in for a while longer..I have a large dark mass in one .all were candled at 12 days and were going the shells look any different just before they hatch..I have only ever raised from hens before..I just bought this new bator with fan and egg turner to try,got my eggs off ebay..I am getting kind of worried,,please let me know what you all think,,thank you,sue
Hi Sue I'm sorry to hear this hatch isn't going well. I think your temps are to low it should be between 99.5 - 100.F & the humidity I keep in the mid to high 50's &/or low 60's & then it goes upto the 70's the last 3 days. Anyw thing that has ooz coming from it I would toss & I would candle the rest just in case but if there's no movement or dark spots on the shell I'd let them all go & start over... & being new maybe check Craigslist to see if you can get eggs close or even check the boards here to see what's what... Some peole were giving away eggs so check & see what they've got & then try some of those...

PS you're not an old fool...
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You need to get the oozing one out of there or it might explode. Your hatch is probably delayed because your temp is too low. If you have a forced air bater you should be around 99.5 and if you have a still air bator your temp should be close to 102.

Don't give up yet!


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