Took My house chicken to the beach with us. She Loved it!


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Apr 16, 2012
Bumble Beep and her story...

We live in Portland, Or and have a small backyard flock. So recently I tried to add a 5 week old bantam faverolle pullet to my flock and the girls were SO horrible to her, I thought they'd kill her. I totally loved this little girl and couldn't let anything happen. My husband took a liking to her too so we decided she could be a house chicken. She sleeps in a bowl on my night stand.or lays on the floor with her legs stretched out. She follows (runs) me around the house or wherever we are. She loves our cats too :) So anyway we took her on our family trip to the beach. She sat on my lap or shoulder the entire car ride .
That is one of the cutest things i've seen!
She doesn't use a box or wear a diaper. But there is a liner where she sleeps. And her poops are very small and solid as long as she eats regularly. So she's just like cleaning up over any other bird. It hasn't become an issue, but later in her life when she's a little larger, we may do the diaper thing.
Oh, that's just the sweetest thing! Ever! I saw a thread here just recently on how to potty train your chicken. What a happy little girl she is - love it

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