Took this advice from here and it worked, Little Giant Incubator

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    Fail 3 hatches. Now moved the incubator from the large opened cold/humid basement to an upstairs beedroom. Could not get tempature 99.5 and humity 50% while it was in the basement. Tried for 2 day. Purchased a smaill electric fan and installed it, Had to remove a couple of rows on the egg turner to fit the placement of the fan. Thinking the turner is still working with the rows gone. Now that the incubator has been moved to the bedroom temp and humity are almost perfect. Eggs have been in the mail 2 days, Illinois-to Illinois. Eggs should arrive Wend. Will not candel until the 7 day. Taking advice from this forum. Thanks. Does anyone know or have removed rows from the turner and had the turner still work properly. I really beleive this is my last time tring this- if I fail again I going to say it is just something I am not going to do.
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    Yes as long as you don't remove the two outside trays you are fine.
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    you are a berave.[​IMG]
    it sure is hard to see this fail one feels so bad i hear what you say i to feel like you ,but like you i am going to try i had one fail hatch, i also have a little gaint.still air, i have been told to get temps to 101-102 in still air and humity 40-45% did you try this comination? going on day 7
    what ever the out come which i hope is great i am thinking of you keep us posted [​IMG]

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