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    I have owned a cockatiel in the past before I had kids. I have other experience with birds because my Mother in law raises/sells them. All kinds from cockatiels to macaws. My oldest daughter is 6 years old. She has a lot of experience with all kinds of animals and with cockatiels and african greys due to my MIL. We are looking to get a bird of our own, besides our chickens, to have as an indoor pet.

    We also have a three year old but I have no intentions of letting her handle the bird on her own. We have the room for any size cage or bird so that is not an issue. Money is not an issue due to my mother in law having birds. My issue is I love them all and I can't decide what would be best for the FAMILY and not just me [​IMG] My questions is what is a good, hardy bird to introduce to my kids? I would go for a cockatiel but I remember mine had lots of night fright issues and was always hurting himself due to that. I would like a friendly bird that Nora could handle (the oldest) and would be a good family pet as well. I have heard Green Cheek Conures are good pets...does anyone have experience with them? I love blue crowns but I know they are noisy! We are out in the country so that probably wouldn't be an issue but we would like to keep our sanity too [​IMG]

    We would love a talking bird, but that is not a deal breaker if it doesn't talk. We have two dogs but one is too old to care and the other is too lazy so I am not worried about them although we will take precautions of course. I teach so I am off during the summer. During the school year the house is empty from morning till early afternoon and the dogs stay outdoors. When I had my cockatiel I worked an 8 hour day and played with him in the morning and evening and so I feel he got enough attention. Do certain birds need more attention than others? My MIL has an african grey inside and he/she seems to request a lot more attention than her cockatiel. The cockatiel is 15 though so that may play a huge factor in what each bird wants.

    So, all that said, any opinions would be great. We aren't in a huge rush so we are looking carefully at our options. Thanks for any comments!
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    Ok, I would like to post a poll but I am not a golden feather member. In trying to pick a good family bird. I found a book of the Top 10 Birds for kids...Here are the birds. Please feel free to vote and give opinions. Maybe by narrowing the breeds a bit, I will get more responses. [​IMG]

    1. Budgie
    2. Canary
    3. Cockatiel
    4. Dove
    5. Finch
    6. Green Cheeked Conure
    7. Indian Ringneck Parakeet
    8. Parrotlet
    9. Peach Faced Lovebird
    10. Quaker Parakeet

    Feel free to add another type of bird if it is not listed. Thanks!!
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  3. I've raised most of the birds listed. I would narrow it down to three - maybe four - if the circumstances are right for most kids.

    1) Budgie - Male if possible
    2) Cockatiel Male or Female - Hand Fed Preferred
    3) Greencheeked Conure - Male or Female. Hand Fed. Females are a tad sweeter.
    4) Canary - should not be handled. Most kids, I think, want to handle.

    ***I think Nora would be happiest with the Greencheeked Conure. I just can't say enough about them! Nora has been exposed to so many different birds...I'd say she'd do well with a Greencheek. They're a step up from a Budgie & Tiel.

    ***Sometimes Cockatiels that have nightfright do better with a small night light near their cage. Do you know what was causing the nightfright? Moths? Flys? Noise? Headlights flashing through windows?

    Good Luck - have fun.
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    Jun 30, 2009
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    Alex had night fright from the start. My MIL hand fed him. We could never figure it out. We had a night light, kept the cage mostly covered. We tried him in different rooms, etc. He was a sweet bird though.

    My MIL told me she thought a green cheek was the way to go as well. I just wanted more opinions. We aren't in a hurry with this. We want to do this right and also let Nora have some say in what she would like. This will be a family bird so she won't have total say (PLUS I don't want her picking out a Macaw or something crazy like that! LOL). I have heard good things about Pionus too. I am partial to Conures though. I would love to have a Blue Crown but I think they might be a bit noisy. I know the pair that my MIL has are very noisy. They are hilarious though. Thanks for the info and your opionion Jojo!
  5. chickenjones

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    Jun 30, 2009
    Burleson, TX
    Well, Jojo, I think I am definitely leaning towards a Green Cheek or a Blue Crown LOL. I love the Blue Crowns, although I know they are louder. I think Nora would love a Green Cheek..she has spied (spyed?) me researching different birds on the internet. She keeps saying " I wish WE had a bird." Hee hee. I love to give her surprises! It won't be overnight though. I am going to a bird show alone tomorrow to look some birds (and their breeders) over and get some contacts. Wish me luck!

    Thanks for the advice, again.
  6. Great to hear. I think she'll love her surprise. Green Cheeks are awesome! Keep us posted.
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    dont disreguard the parrotlets, there about the size of abudgie without the tail but have the personality and activity level of their larger cousins.
    Beautiful little birds with great personalities if hand raised and easy to handle by smaller hands!

    i also like greencheeks, one of the quieter of the conures.

    if you want a bird thats going to talke a blue crown or an english budgie also make good pets, the english budgie holds records for number of words spoken!,
    though ive heard blue crowns can be a bit difficult.
    Quakers are also LOVELY and talkative birds, but make sure they are legal where you are.
    id love a quaker but there illegal in ct due to them surviving quite happily in the wild here, we have a number of feral colonies that like to nest on the electric and telephone poles and theres actually eradication programs in place.
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    I have to add my vote for English Budgies. We got one for my daughter (yea right, in my house I do all the animal care but she helps and wanted her own) when she was 3, he would sit with her and be mellow when she was mellow. If she was getting loud or rough he would flutter (wings were clipped) off a ways then sit pretending to preen himself until she got close at which point he would take off again. It was great exercise for them both and by the end they were both laughing [​IMG] Supervision is necessary with anything that small, because even little hands can hurt inadvertently but what an awesome bird.

    That said, I've also had cockatiels and worked with doves, budgies, conures as well as the larger birds. They all have pros and cons, but the right one will come along and you'll know. Good luck!
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    Jun 26, 2010
    Quote:BLACK HEADED CAIQUE would be my pick over all....
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    I have had doves and i loved them. They have a gentle cooing sound and they dont bite. They dont have a hookbill. I love my cockatiels I have right now though. Im hoping for some babies! lol.

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