Top 10 Chicken Breeds for Backyards - What do you think?

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    They have a pic of a Cinnamon Queen under Rhode Island Red.

    I say variety is the spice of life.

    For example.... LOL

    In the big coop I have:

    8 Icelandic hens (Rose, Phyllis, Whitney, Ida, Blucey, Blackie, Arby & Cloud)
    2 PW Leghorns... (one hatched from a Trader Joe's egg...she lays a LARGE EGG!) Whitey & Josephine
    2 EEs... one that lays an Olive egg and the other that's almost a year old and has never laid an egg! Blue & Olivia
    Larraine my Australorp
    "Mary" my FBCM dark layer
    Olive, my Blue Copper Olive Egger
    Betsy, my Barred Rock
    Red, my Production Red
    Rhonda & Rhoda, my 3 month old purebred Rhode Island Reds,
    Snow, a 3 month old Leghorn
    Buffy, a 3 month old Buff Orpington
    Poof, a 3 month old Buff laced Polish
    Silvia, a 3 month old White Crested Blue Polish
    Delene, a 3 month old Delaware
    Star, a 3 month old Black Sex link

    In the West "Grow out pen" I have
    4 yet to be named Silver Laced Polish
    Polly a 3 month old Buff laced Polish
    Sultan, a yet to be sexed Sultan!
    3, 2 month old EEs
    1 Splash Wheaten Roo... just waiting to see what he looks like before he crows I'm callling him Fred II
    2 Icelandic roos.. I'll be rehoming the black one with white mottling on the front and keeping for a time the Crested Boy that I'm calling Vinder II
    4 Icelandic pullets, 1 that is PURE WHITE..., 1 that is a pretty blue/white/red mix and 1 Crested girl that looks like Ida and one that looks exactly like a Golden Campine
    1 PW Leghorn
    1 Blue Marans
    1 Cinnamon Queen

    In the East "Grow out pen" I have
    8 W/BW chicks... looks like I have a wheaten roo and a BW roo and some that are yet to be determined
    2 Splash Ameraucanas (pullets, YEA!) from a BBS pen in Goodyear
    2 Welsummer pullets
    1 Barnyard mix that I've named Ugly, unfortunately, I think he is a roo but he is GIGANTIC and has muffs but no beard so he must have some EE in him... I'm waiting to rehome him... want to see what he looks like first.

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